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Stoic's Handicap: Music

Brave New World

(Stoic's Handicap)
March 1, 2008
Jennifer Ryan
Brave New World

Can’t sleep
I’m not awake
Couldn’t find the means to fake this
Sugar pills and fairytales
Are found wanting waiting
So wash me off in
Soap and sea salt
Until the water runs clear
in my brain
there’s a place where
you die and go to heaven
there’s a place where you
you float around my hell
land mines and fault lines
out of place out of time
Until I catch my breath again
without you

It’s a brave new world

Freak out
Now get dressed
You left quite a mess behind
Silhouettes and blank checks
Are bouncing off the walls with me
What could’ve been
Would’ve been
This game is never any fun
Should’ve been is useless and endless
the walls are listening
And the wind whistles the same old songs
I’ll sing along and smile though my thoughts scream bloody murder
and they’ll never suspect anything at all
without you

It’s a brave new world

la la la la

There are better days
and better ways
to live and love and follow through
I’ve got nothing left to lose
Ever since I lost you
So let it fade without a sound
let it sink into the ground
let it all fall down
let it drown…

It’s a brave new world
Without you…